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Turnkey contract management solution

Contract management is becoming more and more important in business. Due to the complexity and increasing number of contracts, it is difficult to keep an overview and find necessary information quickly. In addition there are often different types of contracts, for example rental- service- or purchase contracts with different periods.

Referring to this issues it is important to miss no deadlines to escape unnecessary expense and not to stress any business relationship.

Treskon has recognized this problem and developed a standard solution for contract management.

Here you find some of the many advantages that you can achieve with our solution:

  • You will get a better overview of your contracts and their information
  • An automatic reminder function helps you to miss no important deadlines
  • Contracts can be complex and long, but you can still search with our intelligent searchengine by specific words and will receive the required information within seconds
  • By access authorities you are able to control the in-house safety aspects
  • The funktion of the versioning of contracts allows you the contrasting juxtaposition of the different changes
  • To comment your documents as usal you are able to use the digital marker-, stamp- and sticky note function

For further information or a personal meeting, contact us!


ECM for real estate

Treskon started a cooperation with with MSE to build a document management solution around RELion - a well-known real-estate software-solution. During this year, a solution will be released which offers case-driven document management which is fully integrated into MSE RELion and handles all the aspects off a real-estate business.

MSE RELion Event

mse GmbH, Steinringer WEB and IT solutions GmbH, Treskon GmbH and the host Microsoft Austria GmbH invited interested persons to join for an interesting day about solutions for the real estate sector. All presentations were laid out to show how integration is made simple and effective these days. These questions have been answered:

  • How can information and documents managed in an efficient way?
  • How to find information which is of importance?
  • How can I achieve the latter without keeping information redundant.

Contact us if you couldn't attend and want to get a summary about the event!



Actiware presented the all new and game-changing release of AWELOS and CONNECT 5 at the CeBIT in Hannover.

The Middleware offers now a better and more integrated way of integrating like ERP, CRM or other business software.AWELOS and CONNECT vastly changes the approach for Enterprise-Application-Integration (EAI), by abstracting the business and application-integration layer. As a consequence, data and information can be unified or orchestrated. Information capturing is simplified and an effective-integration in existing business software is made easy.


ELO ECM Convention 2014

Treskon was part of the ELO ECM Convention 2014 which was hosted at Marriott Hotel in the heart of Vienna, Austria.

Theme of the event was "Ease your business" - which was completed with Treskon's expert-talk: "simply manage business processes with ELO". Guests appreciated the possibility to inform themselves about modern ECM solutions and could talk with our professionals and hear their opinion.

We want to thank our visitors and would welcome them back again on 07.10.2015.

ELO ECM Suite 9

ELO Digital Office GmbH released the newest version of their succesful ELO ECM Suite.

Some of the new features are:

  • Collaboration
  • Microsoft Office integrated document management
  • Click & Find
  • web-sharing

Treskon's takes care that you receive the professional services alongside this new version.

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